As expected, the media training was excellent for our basketball players and our head coaches. It will be beneficial to them not only this year but beyond in their respective lives.

Greg Prouty

Associate Athletics Director for Media Relations

I think the effectiveness of your training was magnified by having someone from outside our program come in to talk. The tips you gave were not only good for the players to hear, but the coaches as well. I would certainly recommend your training session to other basketball programs around the country.

Matt Painter

Head Basketball Coach

It was evident you had done your homework prior to arriving on campus, and I think you related well to them. It was obvious you earned their respect - and attention - from the beginning.

Oliver Pierce

Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Information

Your presentation on social networking responsibility to our student-athletes was outstanding...the message you gave them about both the positive and negative sides of social networking showed them the importance of being concerned about their online reputations.

Sherard Clinkscales

Associate Athletic Director

MVP's Social Networking presentation provided our student-athletes here at the University of South Florida with a deeper understanding of how to use social networking outlets. MVP's presentation encourages the audience to use wisdom and responsibility while expressing their thoughts, views, and feelings through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Brian Clark

Academic and Student-Athlete Development Coordinator

Your ability to find real examples of poor decisions student-athletes make on their social web pages provides a phenomenal teaching opportunity. Our student-athletes were surprised you could so easily locate information on their social sites.

Monique Bernoudy

Associate Athletic Director for CHAMPS/Life Skills

I would highly recommend bringing Kevin Long to your campus...he connects with "today's generation" very well!!

Natalie Shock

Senior Woman Administrator

Your message the mentoring and educating our student-athletes is as or more important than disciplining them for mistakes they make was a real eye-opener, and your casual and engaging presentation style not only relates well to staff, but also endears you to student-athletes as well. I would certainly recommend you, your presentation and UDiligence service to other schools and conferences as it's the best I've seen.

Monique A.J. Smith

Associate Commissioner

I believe our athletes benefited from your presentation and it can only help them down the road.

Brian Summers

Assistant Athletic Director

Just like we have a game plan between the lines, Kevin provided our team with a game plan for working with the media and protecting our brand.

Cuonzo Martin

Men's Basketball Coach (now at Tenn)

The players raved about what they had learned and how much fun it was. We appreciate the professional manner in which it was presented. We know it was worthwhile. We will be sure to let others know how our athletes benefited from your expertise.

Jim Larranaga

Head Men's Basketball Coach (now at U Miami)

You have an effective, engaging and interactive media training program that kept held the players' attention the entire time, and that's not an easy thing to do. I would highly recommend to any of my fellow SID's. It is the best we have experienced here at Temple.

Larry Dougherty

Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations

MVP's trainers were well prepared and posed very specific challenges to our participants that spoke to exact topics and questions we faced in the months that followed. I would not hesitate to contract with MVP again and hope to have that opportunity again soon.

Al Larsen

Director of Media and Promotions

It was apparent that you took time to learn about each athlete ahead of time. That left a great impression and the feedback from them has not only been positive, it has been enthusiastic. I would highly recommend MVP to any NGB that is interested in doing media training.

Taylor Payne

Media Relations Director

The feedback from our players and coach was very positive -- I have been told by one player already that he has put your tips to use in his latest interview.

Daniel Jankowski

Media Relations Director

This year we utilized your online media training program and found it exremely superior to what we were trying to do in-house. I would highly recommend MVP's online media training program to any intercollegiate athletic department.

Jack Frost

Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations

They enjoyed the interactive nature of the presentation. The individual on-camera sessions with the players were beneficial, especially since we had a successful season and had a good amount of media coverage.

Marie Wozniak

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications

Just as an athlete must respond in the sports setting, so too must individuals be prepared to be agile and effective in dealing with media. I am sure that the skills and knowledge you provided for our athletes will be just as helpful in their future careers as officers in the Coast Guard as they are now as collegiate student-athletes.

Ray Cieplik

Athletic Director

MVP's online media training is a valuable tool for student-athletes. While every student-athlete won't have the opportunity to be in the news media, at some point, they will all have to interview for a job. One of our student-athletes said, "I feel like even if I never get the chance to speak to a news reporter, I am better prepared for job interviews and learned communication skills and tips that can help me in everyday life."

Lauren Hillman

CHAMPS/Life Skills Director


MVP Sports Media Training is a niche public relations firm exclusive to the sports industry.  Whether it's media training for athletes, coaches or team executives; preparing athletes for interviews and press conferences; monitoring athletes' social network pages for problems; educating about responsible social network use; or helping lead your communications effort during a crisis situation, MVP Sports Media Training's experience in preparing athletes to be on message off the field and handling major crisis is unmatched by anyone in sports communications.

The intensity and media scrutiny that accompany every word an athlete says and posts online in the 24/7 news cycle, along with the explosion of social networking, has greatly affected the perception of professional and college athletes.  Reality is that controversial headlines sell papers and social networking posts can go viral -- and both can be devastating to athletic programs, coaches and athletes. A positive image for your team starts with MVP Sports Media Training.

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