Leonard Parisi

Leonard Parisi currently serves as Senior Vice President, and partner of Maxim Group LLC, a privately held financial services firm specializing in investment banking, equity research & private wealth management.

Leonard's expertise and background in the financial industry was an important component in our decision to bring him onto the board.  In today's difficult economy, it's crucial to have someone who can provide insight into the financial sector and its impact on the sports industry.  His knowledge of sports and understanding of our mission along with his passion for sports is an asset for MVP. 

Leonard sees a coming era of growth for sports in America and believes the services that MVP provides are crucial to the economic recovery and long-term value of professional sports from a public relations and ultimately financial standpoint.  Everyone from professional and college teams to individual athletes need to present themselves well with a positive image moving forward because the public perception of the teams and athletes will be crucial to how quickly sports will regain its priority for fans' disposable income.