Crisis Communications Consulting & Services

All of these examples are uncomfortable to contemplate but are indicative of something that could happen at any school of any size.  How would your department react to a tragedy/crisis like these?

MVP has the most experienced team of crisis communications experts in the sports business.  We have worked crisis from high-profile international kidnappings, to plane crashes with high numbers of casualties, to political sex scandals and more.  We know the best way to respond to tragedy and crisis, and we will provide you with everything you need to survive the initial 72 hours and develop the plan to make it through the duration.  How you handle the long haul will determine the perception of how you handled the crisis.

Crisis and tragedies are emotional and stressful for those directly impacted.  This is why you need objective direction and counsel based on experience.  MVP's Crisis Team is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear.  We are not cheap, but we are the best, and that's what you need to guide you through a tragedy or crisis situation.

We hope you don't encounter anything like this, but if you do, pull the alarm and give us a call.