Protecting Brand YOU on Social Networks

MVP has developed a presentation we call "Protecting Brand YOU on Social Networks" for student-athletes that provides them with some perspective on the potential damage and consequences of irresponsible social networking posts.  This presentation highlights many mistakes other student-athletes have made and helps them understand once they post something on any social networking site, not just Facebook -- it's in the public domain, even if their account is set to private.  We explain how it can negatively impact their reputations now as well as when they go to hunt for a job after their playing days are over.

Most coaches and athletic administrators talked on the phone, and viewed email as a technology revolution.  Today's college athletes communicate in a much different manner, and many of your student-athletes have not had any guidance about what is not appropriate to post on their social networking pages.  They've grown up using social networking and texting as their primary form of interpersonal communication.

MVP's "Protecting Brand YOU on Social Networks" presentation lasts about 45 mins and is engaging and entertaining.  It is delivered in a casual manner by MVP in person and is great for preseason all sport gatherings or for delivery to individual teams.


"Your ability to find real examples of poor decisions student-athletes make on their social web pages provides a phenomenal teaching opportunity.  Our student-athletes were surprised you could so easily locate information on their social sites."

Monique Bernoudy
Associate Athletic Director
Northern Illinois University