Online Media Training

MVP has developed the only online/web-based media training curriculum for sports.  Hosted by Anthony Amey, former ESPN News anchor and current network affiliate sports anchor, the training is engaging, entertaining and even humorous at times.  It will defnitely hold the attention of your athletes for the 45 minutes it takes to go through the course. You can choose to let them go through the course on their own or have a staff member do it in a team session.  Athletes are automatically emailed a personalized certificate of completion once they finish the course.

The content of the course is designed for every level of athlete from high school to professional.  Because it is affordably priced, it is perfect for non-revenue sports at Division I programs and for small schools that don't get a lot of media attention but still want to provide first-class media training for their all their athletes.

Right now, we're offering this course at a special rate of only $500 for your entire department.  This makes it an affordable solution that even schools on a tight budget can easily afford.

Click the image to the right to view a printable pdf about the online training.