Monitoring Your Athlete's Facebook, Twitter & MySpace Pages

It is unbelievable what is posted on social networking pages.  Many of today's college athletes don't realize that their next job, whether it is in athletics or in business will review their social network profiles as part of the interview process.  These are some of the pictures that we found that were posted on student-athlete's public social networking pages.  They are blurred to protect their identities.

MVP helps schools protect the reputations of their athletes and the image of the team, school and department by offering UDiligence service for our clients.  UDiligence monitors your athletes' Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages for mentions of drugs, alcohol, violence, profanity and racial slurs.  When it finds a result, it automatically generates an email alert to a coach or sport administrator, providing a real-life teaching moment with the athlete.

Don't let your school be caught in a bad postition.  Click here to visit and sign up for UDiligence service today.