Media Training

For media training to be effective, your athletes have to be comfortable with the trainer.  If they tune out the trainer in the first few minutes because of how you are dressed or how you act, then it is a waste of everyone's time and very little training will be completed.  At MVP we take great pride in understanding our clients and talking with them, not to them.  Our style is very engaging and even self-depriciating at times, yet remains authoritative, allowing us to connect with our clients in a way that peaks their interest to learn and retain what we are teaching.

Our programs start with a group session for the entire squad where we provide the basic tools they can use when answering questions from the media.  This entertaining and engaging presentation is designed to give every member of your team the confidence to handle even the toughest questions in the most difficult situations.

We also recommend putting your high-profile athletes and coaches on-camera to go through our optional mock interview training.  This is where we provide specific individualized instruction by asking them a range of questions from easy to uncomfortable.  Our program is tailored to meet your time and schedule requirements.

The goal of our training is for your athletes and coaches will be comfortable, confident and in-control every time they speak with a reporter.  As a bonus, your athletes can also use the skills they learn for job interviews and when interacting with their classmates and peers.